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About Us

  • “CASH is KING” in every Financial Transaction!
  • There is nothing else as ‘beneficial’ as having ‘enough’ of the most useful thing!
  • Only “Surplus” CASH is ‘enough’ CASH!
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CreneaUSA promotes LIFETIME FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE through the cash-flow of Passive Income programs.

The programs avail potential opportunities to earn exponentially growing Passive Income throughout one’s lifetime.

CreneaUSA has been a LLC. since April 8,2009, and is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

The degree of earning /not earning is solely dependent on the actions and abilities of the participant.

After retiring from the X-ray Department of the Washington Hospital Center, where I was employed for more than five years, I ventured into the worlds of ‘Financial Services’ and ‘Real Estate’. Equipped with ‘Life & Health insurance, ‘Property & Casualty’ insurance and ‘Real Estate licences, I spent the next fifteen years as an independent associate /agent of two of the world’s largest Financial Services companies and a Real Estate company.

I still retain my Real Estate license. However, I have left the insurance business in 2009. I do not have a college degree. However, I have achieved a total of more than sixty credits between Strayer College and Montgomery Community College.

Moreover, after changing my major from Computer Science / Mathematics to Accounting, I left.

It was really tough leaving college prematurely. Yet, I still have the satisfaction of achieving a few ‘A’s in some courses.

Among these are ‘Principles of Management, Principles of Accounting, Business Mathematics and Logic & Semantics.

With benefits from college courses, my experience and the full support of my wife and partner of more than twenty-five years, I shall try to make your CreneaUSA venture a very successful one.

My marriage to my best friend has produced all of our children, four!

The three eldest are now students at my great old school, Montgomery Community College.

Great success to you!
I thank you for your business.

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Lifetime Financial Security
FINANCIAL MISERY can last a lifetime!
Don’t live in misery!
Life is too long!


FINANCIAL LIBERTY can also last a lifetime!
Make sure you experience it!
LIFE is too short!
Try CreneaUSA